E2S was founded after two relatives of one of our co-founder, Manavjeet Sidhu, passed away due to a car accident. What made this accident so devastating was that the ambulance sent as a lifeline had failed on every level, leading to their untimely deaths. Shocked and grieving, he and our other co-founder , Marcus Cimino, researched the state of emergency medical services (EMS) in India. They discovered that, like many developing countries, India has a dearth of ambulances, and the existing ones have few supplies and fewer trained first responders due to the lack of standards regulating pre-hospital care. Instead, individuals rely upon an "unofficial social network" in which taxi drivers, police officers, and good Samaritans transport most patients to the hospital.

Concerned about patient well-being, they set out to improve the state of EMS in developing countries. The best solution was to create a self-sustaining social venture that would transform the existing unofficial network into a fleet of lifesaving first responders. Thus, they started Empower to Save.